You have arrived at the page of Brandon N. Schory, software developer by trade, musician, photographer, writer, reader, music buff/critic/professional appreciator, and all around renaissance man by inclination. This site is a dumping ground for the content I generate in my day to day wanderings. Please take some time to browse around, and be sure to check the "News" section below for information on all the latest updates and new features. Enjoy!


Music Section Finished!

So I've finally had a chance to put together all of the content for the music section, and I'm pleased to announce that it is now live. This marks the final major planned content addition for this site. There will continue to be content added as time goes by, but this means that for the first time every section of this website is live.

I've also spent some time going back through the other pages and updating their content to be as relevant as possible, so be sure to click though and see what's changed.

Finally, I've decided to update the visual design of this page again. There haven't been any major changes to the underlying code, I just decided to update the graphics and color scheme. I hope you like them!

Visual Redesign and Content Update

The time has come for yet another redesign and update of this site, the fruits of which you're beginning to see around you. Having finally moved to a more robust and modern code base, I figured it was time to put it to the test and see how robust it was. Things have gone well, and I think the new design is a marked improvement on the old. Expect many more redesigns in the future, but for now, I like this.

It's also time to update some content that's been around since the beginning by revising and editing it so that it's all more cohesive. Expect many of the sections to be reworked in different ways, from updated prose to layout changes. At the same time, I plan to add some new content and finish off some sections that have been put off for too long. Expect to see those changes coming shortly.

More Deprecated Code Removal

I've been slowly going through my design and getting rid of as much legacy code as is possible. I've finally made the move from using tables for layout to using divs and CSS. This has been rather painful due to rendering issues with IE, but it seems to work suitably well now. Again, Firefox is the officially supported and sanctioned web browser for this site, but those you you still stuck on IE will not be ignored. I cannot promise it will be 100% correct in IE, but I will do my best.

Step By Step

I've added more content to the site over the past few days, including a bunch of new stuff on the links page. The only thing left to flesh out is the main music page, but be sure to click over there anyway, as there's now a fully fleshed out sub-page dedication to the XKCD meetup band "[citation needed]". The main bulk of the music page will hopefully follow shortly. Namasté.

The News is Good

The new site is finally on par content wise with the old site . What remains is to generate the shiny new music section of the site, make sure everything works in Internet Explorer, and validate everything with the W3C. Hopefully all of this will fall in to place over the next few weeks and the main redesign and update will finally be complete. Stay posted for more content in the near future!

Complete Site Redesign: Take 2

The time has come for a complete visual re-design of the site, as well as an overall content edit and expansion. This site will be in flux for a while as things are added and changed. Once the main page is finalized, the others should fall in place quickly. More details to come.

IE Workarounds

I have found a few workarounds for IE that should make things look better on that side. I will try to support it as best as I can from here on out, but I make no promises. The preferred browser for this website will remain Firefox. Look for a complete site redesign to come this summer, as well as some dynamic features I am playing around with.

Browser Support Clarifications

I have made the decision to no longer support Internet Explorer with this site. Though, I will not intentionally write any code to make the site not able to be viewed in IE, I also will not go out of my way to fix any bugs that IE chooses to cause in the content of the page. The official browser of this site is Firefox. If you do not already have it, there is a link to download this wonderful application in the lower right corner of the page. Safari will also be supported, but in a secondary manner.

Deprecated Code Removal

After discovering some deprecated code in the main design, and acknowledging the utter uselessness of frames for good web desing, I have completely reworked the site using tables. Though the outward differences may not be immediately noticable, the underlying code has been significantly imporved. While doing the revamp, I also took the time to have this site validated by the W3C. I am proud to announce that this site validates as HTML 4.01 Transitional and CSS.

Introducing: Site News

I have decided to begin a news section on the front page to give details as to the improvements and updates in the site. This is that section. I have made some minor changes and refinements to the links page. I plan to being on the design and construction of the gallery soon, as well as finalizing this page.

Under Constrution but Live

This page is still under construction. The biography, programming, and links pages are nearly finished, with only the addition of some minor content planned. The gallery page, along with the actual content for this home page, will be developed as soon as possible. Please click around, and if you notice any errors or missing images, send a note to Thank you for visiting, and enjoy.

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